Sharabella Fini


Life is Art. Art is passion, the essence of what that matters. Life poses billions of possibilities which inspires to be explored and captured. I hope to inspire viewers of my work with a sense of motion, sparking imagination and to form a lasting relationship with the subject.


Sharabella Fini has been a painter since young age. She defines her work as one of Lyrical Reality, expressing emotions and imagination with a harmonic quality, expressing beauty with touch of life forms emerging through. She has a Masters of Architectural Studies, with emphasis on Art and Visual Awareness, Color, and Light, from the University of Texas at Austin. She has participated in competitions and group art shows in Texas. She grew up in Torino, Italy and moved to Austin, Texas at a very young age. She uses acrylic as well as various media on canvas and other surface backgrounds based on the piece and the subject and her connection at the moment.


I paint because I feel renewed in every moment of it; as it connects me to a Beautiful world, to an eternal world. I paint because it connects me to everything I see, feel, and experience. It stretches me beyond my known self and to a larger existence. It is this powerful tool that moves me through moments of reflection, stepping deeper into my heart and to my higher self. I love the unfolding that takes place through the process, reaching a field of possibilities. I feel my center present, seeing such harmony in the mystery of an unknown piece. I start with no specific subject or what it will become. I am inspired with where the Vital Force takes me, and I listen to this energy and it’s guidance that lets my imagination take flight, and I feel I am a conduit receptive to the story that needs to be told. I am inspired by the beauty that surrounds us; in nature, cosmos, all living beings. I explore with different surfaces and mixture of media and colors, with one common essence behind my feelings while working on a piece;..and that is to intertwine with life, with the oneness that exists, and to create something that is beautiful, beneficial, and to contribute to experiences for someone else. And if I can create something that brings a smile, wonderment, openness, and light to another, then I am happy, I am satisfied.


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